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360 Surveying Services is a Full Service Land Surveying Company serving along the Emerald Coast and Sun Coast of Florida.

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What is land surveying?

Land surveying is both science and art. It requires technical expertise, judgment, and creativity, as well as problem-solving, strategy, and creativity. Surveyors are part historians, archaeologists,s and cartographers. They also have to be experts at measuring and evaluating measurements.

Why would I need a survey?

Surveys are often done to establish property lines and physical features that are related to property lines. For example, fences, retaining walls and buildings. Topographic mapping is used to prepare for remodeling or design. It also determines lot square footage, slope, subdivision, condominium conversion, and surveys for the sale of residential or commercial property.

How Do I Know What Type of Survey I Need?

360 Surveying Services offers various services, including mortgage and boundary surveys, site design, and construction stake staking to hydrographic surveys. To determine the best service for you, contact us, and we will meet with you to discuss your plans and find the best option for you and your business needs.

What is the cost of a typical survey?

Many factors can affect the cost of land surveys. The most important information to get a reasonable estimate of your property’s size (preferably in acres) is critical. You should also consider the type of survey required, the time frame for completion, the property’s location, the type of land, and the availability of prior surveys. Survey costs may vary from one site to the next. These and other factors are discussed in the initial consultation to determine the correct survey and what an estimated cost will be for your needs.

How Are the Results Recorded?

Surveyors create a two-dimensional map to show the boundaries of the property. This serves as the report. The type of survey done may require that planning officials review the map and sign it. If the map is not required for planning official review, and the map is small, it can be attached to your deed at the register of the deeds office. If the map requires planning official review, the necessary signatures will need to be obtained. The plat will then be taken to the register of deeds to be recorded. All maps, both recorded and unrecorded, are kept by the land surveying firm.