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Alta Surveys

360 Surveying Services is grateful to have the opportunity to utilize an experienced team and modern equipment to serve our clients on commercial transactions by providing a service that is capable of conforming to the American Land Title Association (ALTA) standards as adopted by American Land Title Association and National Society of Professional Surveyors.

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Topographic Surveys

The 360 team has experience working with design professionals providing useful topographical / project boundary data and would be glad to serve on your next project.

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Elevation Certificates

If an existing or future property is in a FEMA designated high risk flood zone and it is a requirement to obtain an elevation certificate due to building a structure, making significant changes to an existing structure, or other reasons that may occur that may require you to obtain an Elevation Certificate for flood insurance the 360 Surveying team can help.

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Boundary Surveys

Residential – Lot & Block Surveys

Provide residential surveys to affirm boundaries and show all site improvements.


Provide major and minor subdivisions of property for residential and commercial developments.

Construction Surveys

Also known as construction staking or site layout survey, is the process in which our team would read the building plans (blueprints) and then mark the site with stakes at the location of all elements on the build site. We provide the following services: building layout, earthwork staking, curb layout, utility staking, project control networks, volume surveys, pre-construction services, As-Built surveys, and more upon request. With these projects we would actively providing itemized proposals and rate sheets for contractors on upcoming projects.

Hydrographic Surveys

The 360 Survey team is glad to be able to offer Hydrographic Surveying Services for our clients along the Emerald and Suncoast. The 360 Team regularly performs Mean High Water surveys, Volume Surveys, Cross Section Data surveys, As-Built Surveys, and FDEP Surveys for Submerged Land Lease documents and FDEP Surveys for coastal construction for our clients along the many waterways in Florida. Let us know if we can help add value to your next project.

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